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Written by Steve Heising   
May 10, 2006 at 12:17 PM
Colorado: Sun Energy Solutions 3260 S. Gilpin St. Englewood, CO 80113 Attn: Scott Haerbig Phone: (720) 201-9473 Fax: (303) 783-1017 Email:

Sun Energy Solutions (SES) is a design build energy efficient lighting management and electrical contracting company. We are an acknowledged leader in the industry with over 19 years of practical hands on experience designing, building and servicing successful lighting and electrical systems upgrade projects. Our turnkey implementation process optimizes the inter-related objectives of system performance, energy savings, Return on Investment (ROI), maintenance savings, and aesthetics.

In addition, SES provides its clients access to a complementary network of best in class energy service specialists that can address the full spectrum of non lighting related energy conservation measures (ECM). Our priority is to establish a relationship for the long run with our clients. This philosophy demands that SES bring whatever resources and/or relationships to the table to address the client?s priorities. When appropriate, facilitating introductions to these allied supply and demand side energy efficiency service providers assures the customer direct access to design build expertise in every energy efficiency trade of interest.

SES is the only design build energy efficient lighting contractor in the country with a true national installation footprint. With 10 offices spread throughout the country, SES can co-ordinate lighting retrofits, lighting service and electrical contracting for a client with multiple facilities around the country. In so doing, SES provides:

Single source accountability

Consistency in design, quality and pricing

Significant reduction in corporate oversight and management

SES implements its services with extensive in house resources as both a union and a non-union contractor. Years of experience has refined our project management process. Our proprietary data base software facilitates this process by producing customized real time reports and analysis of project results for both our project management team and the client.

Through its national delivery platform, SES provides a full range of services which include but are not limited to the following:

1) Assessment of Customer Needs and Concerns: We take the time to listen to our clients in the process of determining what value SES can bring to the table.

2) Preliminary Feasibility Audits: SES coordinates evaluation of applicable energy conservation measures (ECM) based on the potential scope of savings, costs and basic design parameters for lighting and other ECMs.

3) Facilitate Access to Alternative ECM Service Providers: Based on results of the preliminary ECM feasibility audit, SES will introduce the client to appropriate non-lighting ECM service providers such as supply side specialists, distributed generation engineers, mechanical and HVAC firms, EMS controls specialists, rebate management facilitators etc.

4) Detailed Construction Grade Lighting Audits: SES provides a database driven report format generating the complete scope of work for the lighting/electrical project, firm budget costs, rebate values, materials submittals, construction schedules, work orders and purchase orders.

5) Proposals and Reports: This is based on the construction level audit which uses data, graphics, photographs and text to identify and explain all of the recommended lighting retrofit energy conservation measures (ECMs) and costs, energy savings, maintenance savings, and environmental benefits associated with implementing these ECMs.

6) On-Site Field Testing: SES designers install samples of the recommended lighting ECMs to measure actual kW reduction and impact on the quantity and quality of light.

7) Total Turnkey Responsibility: SES manages all aspects of the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the lighting/electrical project. This includes procurement of material, implementation of labor, onsite field construction management, and financial and customer project management.

8) Security Lighting Analysis and Enhancements: SES will provide a scope break out of what lighting is required to meet local, state and federal safety codes and IESNA recommended standards.

9) Lighting Maintenance Contacts: SES will provide a proposal to the client for ongoing service of the new lighting system to maximize system performance and savings maintenance.

10) Related Electrical Contracting Services: SES can address any project related facility renovations and remodels based on client feedback during initial discovery and client needs assessment.

11) Third Party Financing Options: SES can provide the client with creative financing solutions that provide capital availability, immediate positive cash flow, and balance sheet benefits.

Sun Energy Solutions values and places the highest priority on developing and maintaining long term relationships with our customers based on our commitment to excellence, customer service and satisfaction. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to explore how we can work with you to address your energy efficiency concerns.
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Lighting News: Green Ballast Daylight Harvesting 
January 11, 2013 by Energy Manager Today Staff

Bronson Sporting Goods has installed Green Ballast‘s patented daylight harvesting fluorescent light ballasts in its new Memphis location. The new ballasts are direct replacements for the existing “standard ballasts.” Each ballast includes a photocell sensor that interacts with daylight harvesting technology, allowing each Green Ballast equipped fixture to:

  • Actively measure the amount of daylight in its coverage area
  • Harvest this daylight and calculate how much fluorescent light is actually needed to provide adequate lighting
  • Adjust the power consumption of the lighting fixture accordingly
Lighting Roundup: Green Ballast Daylight Harvesting
December 13, 2012Energy Manager Today Staff

The Broadway Square Building, a twelve-story office building in downtown Kansas City has installed Green Ballast‘s patented daylight harvesting fluorescent light ballasts, replacing the existing standard ballasts.  The new ballasts adjust power consumption for each lighting fixture, while measuring and harvesting available daylight to calculate and provide only the amount of needed electricity for proper lighting. It is a “plug and play” solution and has controls within each ballast. Green Ballast expects lighting consumption costs in the Broadway Square building to be reduced by over 50 percent.