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Written by Steve Heising   
Sep 17, 2012 at 10:38 PM

Time is Limited for Bonus Lighting Rebates

Fort Collins Utilities offers a 50 percent lighting rebate bonus for commercial projects. The bonus applies to all lighting rebates currently offered; projects must be completed by December 31 in order to qualify.

Join the 32 customers who already have taken advantage of these rebates in less than two month’s time. The average customer demand savings for these projects is slightly under 10kW and simple paybacks are averaging two years or less. Energy and cost savings will vary for each customer depending on project size, lighting usage and electric rate.

Whether you are making the change from the no-longer-available T12 lamps or upgrading to the latest technology in T8 lamps or LEDs, now is the perfect opportunity to get started. Lighting continues to be one of the most cost-effective opportunities to reduce energy usage.

To get started, e-mail or call (970) 221-6700, TDD (970) 224-6003.

Time is also limited for Xcel Energy Rebates.  Currently offering 30% bonus on T12 rebates, there will also go to zero on January 1, 2013

City of Boulder Climate Smart Rebate funds have been exhausted except in the case where you sign up for financing.   They may come back in some form if Boulder passes an extension to the CAP tax this November. 

Denver may have funds Bonus funds remaining,  but I suspect that if they have not already committed all their funds, they will soon. 

Lighting News: Green Ballast Daylight Harvesting 
January 11, 2013 by Energy Manager Today Staff

Bronson Sporting Goods has installed Green Ballast‘s patented daylight harvesting fluorescent light ballasts in its new Memphis location. The new ballasts are direct replacements for the existing “standard ballasts.” Each ballast includes a photocell sensor that interacts with daylight harvesting technology, allowing each Green Ballast equipped fixture to:

  • Actively measure the amount of daylight in its coverage area
  • Harvest this daylight and calculate how much fluorescent light is actually needed to provide adequate lighting
  • Adjust the power consumption of the lighting fixture accordingly
Lighting Roundup: Green Ballast Daylight Harvesting
December 13, 2012Energy Manager Today Staff

The Broadway Square Building, a twelve-story office building in downtown Kansas City has installed Green Ballast‘s patented daylight harvesting fluorescent light ballasts, replacing the existing standard ballasts.  The new ballasts adjust power consumption for each lighting fixture, while measuring and harvesting available daylight to calculate and provide only the amount of needed electricity for proper lighting. It is a “plug and play” solution and has controls within each ballast. Green Ballast expects lighting consumption costs in the Broadway Square building to be reduced by over 50 percent.