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Written by Steve Heising   
Aug 24, 2011 at 09:52 AM

LED Luminaires replace fluorescent lighting fixtures.

August 22, 2011 - Designed for installation into T-bar grid (drop) ceilings, fully dimmable Direct-Lit LED Flat Panels offer CRI of 85 and produce even, consistent, shadow-free illumination with minimal glare. Products come in warm white 3500K and cool white 5000K models, both with power factor of over 98%. Operating on 120-277 V systems, luminaires have potential life of 50,000 hr and are compatible with building controls, motion sensors, timers, and daylight harvesting systems.


MaxLite(TM) Launches Direct?Lit LED Flat Panels; Designed for Retrofit Fluorescent Lighting Installations

460 Bergen Boulevard
Palisades Park, NJ, 07650, USA

West Caldwell, New Jersey---Building on the success of the company's Edge-Lit LED Panels, MaxLite(TM) launches high performance, energy efficient Direct-Lit LED Flat Panels that are designed to replace fluorescent lighting fixtures. The Direct-Lit LED Flat Panels are suitable for offices, schools, libraries, hospitals, medical facilities and other commercial and institutional applications. MaxLite is a leading, global manufacturer and marketer of energy efficient luminaires and lamps.

The Direct-Lit LED Flat Panels are designed for installation into T-bar grid ("drop") ceilings. Fully dimmable and compatible with building controls, motion sensors, timers and daylight harvesting systems, the luminaires produce an even, consistent shadow-free illumination with minimal glare. The energy efficient LED Panels deliver high lumen output and excellent color rendering (Color Rendering Index of 85) while minimizing maintenance time and costs.

Uniformed color consistency is ensured by proprietary LED binning. The panels are offered in a warm white 3500K model and the cool white 5000K. With a power factor of over 98 percent, the panels operate on 120v-277v systems, are produced without mercury or other hazardous materials, and offer a long potential life of 50,000 hours. All are backed by a five-year warranty.

"Our Direct-Lit Flat Panel LEDs use up to 35 percent less energy than our popular Edge-Lit LED Panels," explains MaxLite's National Product Marketing Manager Pat Treadway. "These new luminaires provide optimal direct lighting replacements for fluorescent fixtures in a broad range of commercial and institutional task lighting applications."

The housings and LED back panels are constructed of aluminum that provides heat sink and thermal control capabilities. The translucent lens is crafted of white polycarbonate and the fixture's compact profile is just three inches long, including the control box. Modular construction enables easy replacement.

LED flat panels are operated using a standard integrated driver, or a remote driver for MRI models (constructed of non ferrous material), allowing for an installation depth of just two inches. With a Master/Satellite switch on the back, one fixture should be switched to Master while the others should be switched to Satellite. When all units are joined together (using supplied standard RJ25 phone cords and jacks), one Master Unit will control up to 10 panels in each room. The LED Panels are dimmable and can be controlled with four types of input signals: 0-10V; Simple Dimming; IR Remote; and a DMX 512.

Direct-Lit LED 1'X4' Flat Panels (11.88 inches wide, 47.40 inches long and 3 inches in depth) utilize just 45 watts and are available in a color temperature of 3500K or 5000K.

Direct-Lit LED 2'X2' Flat Panels (23.75 inches wide, 23.75 long and 3 inches in depth) utilize 45 watts with a color temperature of 3500K or 5000K. A 60-watt model is available with a 3500K or 5000K color temperature.

Direct-Lit LED 2'X4' Flat Panels (23.75 inches wide, 47.40 inches long and 3 inches in depth) utilize 60 watts and are available in a color temperature of 3500K or 5000K.

Accessories include Cable Hanging Kits, Surface Mounting Kits and Donn Fineline System adapters. A surface mounting kit with a white finish is also offered with 2'X2' Flat Panel. The Emergency backup units operate at 30 percent output for up to 90 minutes when power to the fixtures is cut off.

The LED Flat Panels are ET- and cETL-certified and RoHS-compliant.

LM79 data is available, along with IES files and photometrics. Lighting layouts are available upon request.

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