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Review energy saving tips, techniques, and ideas herein.

Are outside lights on in the daytime?  Check the timers and make sure photocells are working.   Are lights on with no one using them?  Modifying behavior, or installing  timers or occupancy sensors can cure that.   

See if your Utility or Community offers low cost or subsidized energy audits, lighting retrofit rebates or other efficiency programs.

Identify and priortize the opportunities.  This is typically starts with an inventory of fixtures lamps ballasts and condition.   Are there any areas that are ready for maintenance anyway?  Are  there any lighting problems? 

Incandescents and T12 Fluorescents... Metal Halide High bays are all profitable retrofits.  Even T8 to higher performance T8 retrofits can be profitable. 
Occupancy sensors timers and other controls can make a big difference.

Identify other consequences, Productivity?, Greenhouse Gases, Sustainability, Safety, Recyclability. EPAct 2005 Tax Consequences. 

Plan then Implement the top Savings Measures.  This can be incremental over 3 or 4 four years in a relamping program

Are utility rebates available.  Consider Lease Financing.  Energy Efficiency is often combined with Renewable Energy programs. 

Invest the savings on monthly lighting bill into additional efficience opportunities.  Use the faster payback typical on lighting to leverage PV or Wind energy programs. 

Lighting is a good place to find "low hanging fruit" with quick payback that can be fairly easy to implement.

Lighting is art and science, but it is not rocket science.  You dont need an ESCO or and Engineering Firm to save a lot of energy in lighting. 

Conservation is about using less,  about turning off lights when you leave the room.  Efficiency is about more lighting (more light per watt) that uses less energy.    Together efficiency and conservation can save a lot of energy and carbon.

Remember the KISS rule and don't believe everything you hear..

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LED at 50

Here’s a BBC News Technology story and video that was brought to my attention by Bob Jones at Publitek—Thanks Bob!

LED at 50: An illuminating history by the light’s inventor. Scroll through the images—they’re amazing.

Celebrating 50 years since the advent of LED technology, Nick Holonyak compares his first visible LED invention to GE Lighting's latest 27-watt LED available in 2013, replacing the 100-watt incandescent. (Photo: General Electric)

Source:  http://www.edn.com/electronics-blogs/led-zone/4398696/LED-Week-in-Review-Ikea--Enlightenment-via-Texas-Instruments--Plessey--Wireless-bulbs-shine-on--LED-at-50?cid=Newsletter+-+EDN+on+LEDs