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Lighting News: Green Ballast Daylight Harvesting 
January 11, 2013 by Energy Manager Today Staff

Bronson Sporting Goods has installed Green Ballast‘s patented daylight harvesting fluorescent light ballasts in its new Memphis location. The new ballasts are direct replacements for the existing “standard ballasts.” Each ballast includes a photocell sensor that interacts with daylight harvesting technology, allowing each Green Ballast equipped fixture to:

  • Actively measure the amount of daylight in its coverage area
  • Harvest this daylight and calculate how much fluorescent light is actually needed to provide adequate lighting
  • Adjust the power consumption of the lighting fixture accordingly
Lighting Roundup: Green Ballast Daylight Harvesting
December 13, 2012Energy Manager Today Staff

The Broadway Square Building, a twelve-story office building in downtown Kansas City has installed Green Ballast‘s patented daylight harvesting fluorescent light ballasts, replacing the existing standard ballasts.  The new ballasts adjust power consumption for each lighting fixture, while measuring and harvesting available daylight to calculate and provide only the amount of needed electricity for proper lighting. It is a “plug and play” solution and has controls within each ballast. Green Ballast expects lighting consumption costs in the Broadway Square building to be reduced by over 50 percent.