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Changing Lights at CU's UMC
Written by Steve Heising   
Jun 03, 2009 at 01:12 PM
UMC Fountain The University of Colorado's University Memorial Center, Boulder Colorado.   The UMC is LEED EB Silver certified.   Daylighting is an option on days like this.  Note that the blue color in Boulder is a lot bluer say than daylight in NY or LA


Sunwave Lighting demonstrated a 5 watt per hour savings to the operations and maintenance staff.  We compaired low wattage Sunwave 5550K 93CRI lamps with the replacement lamps 3500K and 4100K that they had been using for relamping existing T8 fixtures with existing electronic ballasts.   They immediately noticed the difference in color and brightness in addition to the energy savings shown on the meter.   

So they started installing the 5550K 93 CRI lamps in the basement in a couple offices that do not have windows.  As a test.  They they installed some in the Environmental Center.  Next they relamped the Student Offices on the 3rd floor.  Then in more offices and public meeting rooms and hallways.  Then began relamping of some of the public areas.  including a under lit portion of the first floor dining area on the east side.  This area is underutilized perhaps because of low the light levels even though it has windows.  They even found some old 4 lamps T12 fixtures and have upgraded these to 2 lamp Sunwaves.  Sunwave Lighting also supplied 5000K CFL's and retrofits for expensive Ubend lamps to 2 foot F17 T8 retrofits to update hallways to spectrally enhanced technology.  We calculated the simple payback on the incremental investment to be 1.25 years with 4 more paybacks at 24,000 hours and $ 0.10/kWh. 

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Lighting Redesign and Retrofit for Blue Mountain Arts
Written by Steve Heising   
Feb 18, 2010 at 01:45 PM
We have just completed a Spectrally Enhanced lighting redesign and retrofit for Blue Mountain Arts here in Boulder.  We retrofitted T12 and 400 Watt Metal halide lighting for 235,000 square feet in four buildings.  Like many of our existing buildings, uses in the facility have changed several times as tenants and owners have changed.  A simple fixture by fixture retrofit was not going to solve some fundamental problems with the lighting system.   Since typical utility demand side utility programs don't rebate for disabling fixtures, and since our Utility, Xcel Energy now offers lighting redesign rebates, (where they will rebate up to 75% of the costs for the lighting redesign study, we figured we had nothing to lose.   The total cost for the retrofit for four buildings was ~$180K  but we were able to get ~$60K back from Xcel Energy in rebates by taking advantage of Xcel's Lighting Redesign Program.  (The prescripitve rebates without the Lighting Redesign program would have been only ~$30K).  We were able to get the lighting power density for their warehouse down from ~1 watt per square foot to 0.44 watts per square foot.  This is a 66% savings.  As Spectrally enhanced lighting saves 20% more we set our target for 0.55 watts per square foot (as prescribed for Warehouses by the Energy Policy Act of 2005)  In addition we implemented occupancy sensor switching for their warehouse aisle application that automatically turns most of tha aisle lights off (in the aisles that are unoccupied much of the day) more than 50 percent of the time which will save even more money in kWh that is not reflected in the lighting power density. 
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Welcome to SunWave Lighting!
Written by Steve Heising   
Nov 19, 2005 at 07:52 AM
Full Spectrum SunWave CFL Reading LamWelcome to Sunwave Lighting.  High Performance, Energy Effective Lighting Triple-Bottom-Line Lighting.  Thank you for visiting.  Included in this site you will find a variety of articles, links, and best practices recommendations for implementing Energy Effective spectrally Enhanced Lighting including:

  • A definition and overview of Spectrally Enhanced and other Energy Effective Lighting.
  • An introduction to current thinking in Lighting, both Daylighting and better Simulated Daylighting.
  • Links to Lighting and Energy Authorities, Utility Rebate programs and more
  • Information about the products now available for both residential and commercial applications, and
  • Information about energy efficiency audits, retrofit programs, rebates, tax incentives and other third party incentives as they apply to lighting for both residential and commercial applications.
    Samuel W Bodman (former Energy Secretary for the Oil Administration) made some interesting statements regarding energy efficiency in our buildings and in particular regarding our lighting systems on his the way out the door last November.   Essentially he noted that there have been a lot of technical performance and efficiency inovations in the last 10 years particularly in lighting.  Lighting he notes is a good canditate for energy efficiency retrofit as the lighting in over 75% of US buildings have not even been touched in the last 10 years. 
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EPA, Green Sports Alliance Partner for Conservation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on September 6 it had signed an agreement with the Green Sports Alliance to work together to address environmental challenges faced by sports venues, organizations, and teams. The two organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding that facilitates collaboration between them on issues such as energy conservation and sustainability.

The EPA has also agreed to share tools like the Energy Star Portfolio Manager, an energy management tool that allows building owners to track and assess energy and water consumption, in order to help Alliance members improve their environmental performance.

Green Sports Alliance is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help sports teams, venues, and leagues enhance their environmental performance. Alliance members represent more than 100 sports teams and venues from 13 different sports leagues. See the EPA press release and the EPA's Partnership programs website.

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